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24 November 2010 @ 11:15 am
Fa La La La La La La La La  
Ahem. Boy, I really ought to actually update this thing more. Anyhoo, my internet situation continues - as in, I have to use home internet (no twitter - boo) or go to the library to use it. That's why I haven't been able to get on MSN which is really bugging me. So, some things to say>:

1) I've finished uni for the year and was EXTREMELY relieved to get an e-mail last week saying I got in to do the Diploma in Education (secondary) next year. WIN! As long as I didn't get really shocking marks this past semester it means I graduate my Arts course this December and start the teaching one next February. Scary.

2) Why does Mum think it's perfectly acceptable to spoil Katherine? For my last birthday (and Christmas) I was given $125. Which I was more than pleased with. For my sister's 11th birthday this year she got about $300 spent on her. This strikes me as slightly unfair. But if I bring it up to Mum I sound like a bit of a whinger. Bleh. Oh well.

3) I currently have $30 in my bank account so Christmas pressies to you folks are kind of out of the question. HOWEVER, I'd still LOVE to be able to send you all Christmas cards. I have some of your addresses around somewhere but my room's a tad messy at the moment so...

PLEASE drop me a comment below with your address so I can send you a cheesy Christmas card and a note. :D If you want one, that is... I can't guarantee wittiness or hilarity but handwriting and a festive greeting is a lock-in! Comments are screened, naturally.