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25 December 2009 @ 02:48 am
And so this is Christmas...  

It's after 2am here on Christmas Day and I wanted to wish you ALL a very merry Christmas and a fantastically great New Year.

This year has been an odd one. I've become totally addicted and obsessed with several more things and enjoyed this more than I can say. To be honest, this year would've been immensely craptastic if it hadn't been for me being able to watch/listen to various TV and radio shows. More than that though, this year has taught me the difference other people can make. I seem to have drifted farther and farther away from those I know in real life, not having any common interests to keep us together in the way we once were. Instead, I have found my way onto the internet, a place where I can talk to people about things I love and am passionate about. The immense joy of not having someone tell me to shut up because I'm talking about Just A Minute or HIGNFY for example is so indescribably wonderful.

I love being able to be myself and not having others roll their eyes at me but instead understand. It's a new experience and one I treasure. I cannot overstate how important you have all been this year to me. The first thing I do every morning and the last thing I do every night is check LJ and my e-mails - to see if anyone has replied to anything I've posted and see if they've written something themselves. The pure joy I get when something is in my inbox (not including Google Alerts...) is enough to get me through a week of shit. More than that, I LOVE that I can read about what you guys are doing in your lives. No one here seems to ever tell me anything and my parents seem to find things out about my friends before I do. You wonderful people, however, write things down and I can enjoy them and occasionally live vicariously through your experiences. Things like little mentions of the Store and how it went bring such a smile to my face and give me sweet dreams each and every night. I used to have nightmares fairly often; every dream is now of the UK, the Store, comedy and you all. I know it sounds odd and slightly off but it all really means such a lot to me. It gets me through the day.

A few special mentions (and please, don't be offended if you're not mentioned - I DO appreciate you massively as well, as I hope you know...) for certain particular things.

Sarah - THANK YOU. I was looking at my MSN history and it appears I've talked to you most. Apologies for all my ungraceful entrances into your flat. :D You have no idea how much I appreciate your willingness to put up with my ramblings and incoherent excitement on there. You're always so lovely and gracious and finding out how the Store was from you is ALWAYS a joy and a highlight of my week. Oh, and thanks or commentating on Comic Act as you watched it and always being so lovely and commenting on posts I make. :D

Liz - I don't know how you manage it but you always make me happy. I love seeing your posts and pictures and excitement. Your taste in knickers is unsurpassed as well. :D Just know that you'e gorgrous, funny and utterly lovely and I want terribly badly to be able to give you a hug. Thank you especially for chatting to me forever once on MSN (I mentioned that I stayed up till 5.30am to Dad and he just rolled his eyes) and also for planning an itinery for me once I get to your neck of the woods.

Fiona - I think you're probably the first person I really got to know on LJ. Thank you for being so lovely in making that first post to my journal. I loved getting to have those conversations with you and discovering that another person actually enjoyed the same things I did. :D

Cat - always a joy. Thank you so very much for all those messages and conversations and FUDGE (!) :D Getting to know you has been an utter joy and you and your family are utterly splendid. Thanks for talking to me so much about everything and anything and putting up with my ramblings and nonsense about all sorts of things from family to fandom to society. It's been wonderful.

Bubbles - you're the first person I remember commenting on something I'd posted in a community (though in reality, you may not actually have been...) I was ever so nervous when I first started using LJ to post myself and in those first days, getting a comment from you was a relief and a joy. I looked up to you greatly and I was so so so pleased to find someone understood and appreciated what I had posted. Such a warm, lovely feeling. So, thank you.

Becky - I still am not over how utterly wonderful your gifts and letter were. I treasure them. You're so very lovely and thanks for comments on LJ stuff and Twitter, especially. :) Thanks for putting up with all my whingeing on there!

Pippa - your enthusiasm for Store stuff especially is so great. I'm madly jealous of all the times you get to go but so thankful that you take the time to tell me about it and the Players. The letter that you, Sarah, Liz and Dannichu wrote to me is something I've reread countless time and I honestly nearly cried as I read it. Your pictures were splendid too. Thanks.

And to all the rest of you - I LOVE YOU AND APPRECIATE YOU and dealy hope that this Christmas is utterly wonderful as you so deserve it. You are always so lovely and kind to me and so patient with my constant posting and whingeing about being stuck over here. I want so badly to meet so many of you and when I do (and I will) I will have to give you all massive hugs, I'm sorry. Just thank you. For everything. Because in my life at the moment, you are practically everything. Keep being wonderful. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Love from Nicole.

nicole_21290nicole_21290 on December 25th, 2009 12:57 am (UTC)
Make sure you do so. Have an utterly splendid time (and it's now Xmas Day over there by like an hour so yay!).
Love you too. *hugs*