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Hmm, okay then. I am (just) 21 and live in Australia. Female, boring and bored, generally. I am rather quiet and shy but get in trouble for my passionate tirades and speeches when it comes to any of my pet interests. Say 'Hugh Laurie' to me, for example, and I will give you a complete biography, filmography, thousands of pictures and more information than you would ever want or need to know. Basically, the only shows I watch that aren't British are House & Bones and the former of which stars a Brit so... Kind of unfortunate, however, on account of me living in Australia. The thing I want to do more than anything else and what I spend a ridiculous amount of time thinking about is the UK and getting to go there. I know it's idealism at its finest but it is my DREAM, dammit! Um, what else? Well, I adore literature, music (I'm particularly obsessed with The Beatles) and drawing and am quite intrigued by language especially the whole etymology side of things. I think that'll do, eh? Have a fine, lovely day.
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